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Thank You for visiting High Tide Fisheries. We are committed to providing you with excellent quality seafood with excellent service. High Tide Fisheries was established in 2010 and has continued to grow each year. If you are looking for excellent seafood for a special occasion or just for retail use we can provide you with a wide range of product.

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Atlantic Mackerel

Product of Canada
Sizes: 100-300g, 200-400g, 300-500g, 400-600g
Frozen in 10kg, 15kg, Boxes
Fresh Available Also

Japonicas Mackerel

Product of Asia
Sizes: 200-400g, 300-500g
Frozen in 15kg Boxes

Salmon Heads

Product of Canada
Sizes: Large
Frozen inb 20kg boxes

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Cooked Whole Lobster

Fresh Oysters

Vac Pac Bar Clams on Half Shell

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